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of the London Hospital. With an Appendix on the Recent
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It was proved that the solution of a dilemma and the reaction
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on the hairy part of the head, where they in general occur in
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were employed in experiments, nor does he imagine it probable that they
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Surgical Pathology and Therapeutics and Operative Surgery.
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in doses of one grain hourly during the apyrexia. As soon as the paroxysms
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different from genuine sympathetic irido-cyclitis. He assumes,
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strike against the chest during this dilatation; but on more careful examination,
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Thus, Vanbonasi, in the Ac. des Sci. 1712, describes an eight months
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extremely well, sitting up, eating with appetite, and sleeping well at night;
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"8. The fecunditj of the mass of wives, not of individuals, is
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was treated only by suspending a weight from the foot of the
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Dr. Wright classifies disordered menstruation as occurring
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anticipated such a result. For, according to his view, the principal
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were manifested before the eye was removed, fience the importance
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professors, Mr. Regnard, has added a tenth of mercury to increase its fusibility.
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not death itself. Angina, too, may be felt entirely in
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Laffarge said it was gum water, and adding much water to it, drank a little,
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tions. By Chablbs Huntek^ late Siq^^on to the Bojal Pimlico
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may be seen as the workings of the soul might be seen
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infected between the early part of August and the middle of
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a narrow strip of sheet zinc, and after a few seconds, had the satisfaction to ob-
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may discover it, and he therefore pats his proposition in the above terms.
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But when the corpus striatum is the seat of the haemorrhage, as
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clusion that we might legitimately wonder that so many diseases
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No. V, of trade wire guage; 2nd. A modelled Gooch splint,
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has been made, in connection with the pestilence, is Yallona, nearly
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We now come to the third ear — ^you see, most people
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pranks he may cut in the heyday of youthful vitality.
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or severe, and there was a vacant and painful expression of face.
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in that dilated state. This affection seizes the patient suddenly, and, if proper
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to a retardation of blood and to a varicose state of the vessels.
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of nonagenarians ; of these, none had spermatozoa. Of the 64 who
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and to the left side, by the tumour; the walls of the right auricle were com-
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The Climatology of the Winter Stations of the Soath of France. By Dr.
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caution should be observ^ so as not to overstretch the vessel by
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variolo-vaccine consequent upon the structure into which it was inserted, and
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inlet in a room assures more or less movement of the air
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zer, mentions a case where there were many congenital calculi in both kid-
caverta advanced guestbook 2.2
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state of decay, gives rise, in warm countries or in the hot seasons of tempe-