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every three hours, preferably administered in capsule. With it I usu-
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the body; that we still have, even in some of the highest mammals,
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and is edible, with the umbrella light brown or darker. These
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the occurrence of febrile attacks, and intestinal disturbance with pain,
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great intensity of the type of infection, as manifested in hyperpyrexia
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direction is given to the anaemic who is in good financial circumstances :
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cannot fail to be struck by the prevalence of wide adiherent scars
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France, because that country has not been so extensively invaded by
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periment, be so considerably increased. We must, therefore, accept
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ritis may arise as a sequel of typhoid, when, with the usual symptoms
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tion. It is not improbable that these lesions result from the local action
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Scotch douches (45° to 15° C), of four minutes' duration. These
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for diabetics, — the use of milk. Of course, I refer to cow's
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pleasant to eat, and are healthy. There are also some white
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will be unnecessary to reiterate in the description of each procedure.
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Treatment. — Prophylaxis. — Experience has shown almost conclu-
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in every way, but the patient developed no septic symptoms,
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Second series, demonstrating the effect of irrigation on animals that
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wet sheet (Fig. 24). When the entire body is thus covered, the upper
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vate families use them almost exclusively as being cheaper