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very severe. A further outbreak occurred in 1880-81, which is said to

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two methods may be combined in order to obtain a serum which is both

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given well diluted, and diluted champagne is valuable.

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performance of amputation of the organ. This was executed, in my

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Varieties of Enteric Fever. — The diversity in the symptoms and course

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to metroperitonitis, to metritis, or to inflammation of the veins and

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active in trying to determine exactly the organs on which these principles

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absent, whether the cases be mild or serious, if a series of cultivations

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— of which pulmonary and pleural lesions are only the local, and not

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and, if procurable, an accouchement sheet. In poor homes clean old

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sitic virus, but only that a portion of a malignant tumour will continue to

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and the age of the cultivation. The difference in the microscopical

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of a reddish color, and bleed easily when injured. When first present-

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light interfere, producing curvilinears, and are explained by M. Fresnel

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