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was somewhat like that in Martin's operation. The novel
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and deep cervical fascia, is dissected upwards, all vessels cut
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determine that I should leave this kind of treatment on
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the player, his relief from pain in the axilla, forearm, and
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4. Eat nothing, unless hungry, but boiled rice with boiled
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honor; but, on the whole, the title has become rather a
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as black as tar, causing a state of mind, which the old Romans called atra-
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twenty years' treatment of myopia. He advocates the full
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four to one in health. It does not appear to require much effort
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no longer contract spontaneously in response to emotions, and, ■
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the .study and analysis of the relation of human and cow milk.
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out over its edges and prevented irritation. After intro-
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bile, we know that the cholera patient begins to get well ; and
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the sciatic nerve had previously been cut. Two months
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proper work ; that much he ought to have as a salary and no
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less actively than did the ptyalin and pancreas series.
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tricity should be employed as early as possible ; in the
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We know that good results have been obtained by the
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a few shingles are burning. Yet the course taken by many reg-
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in St. Petersburg, and recovered. The circumstance was
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the promotors are selling the stock with a large-sized string on
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told. Clinical experience is the only safe guide. It is
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tive injury, resulting from sleeping in any room colder'than
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card, ostensibly as a mark of respect, but in reality to seek
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gastric disturbance, one can usually demonstrate the loss of
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grass to his feet, and I put the hand of the injured arm
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to still further ensure the safety of our patients.
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not — we sent him nothing but some good advice, which, in
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gave a little chloroform, and the child was born face to pubis