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covery, if time verifies it. The idea is that the cause of fever
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of the tissues, causing subsequent oozing, or if deep planes
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from the anterior end, being marked by a depression sur-
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doubts its courage, we say on the 1st of May next go to some
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with firmness and kindness and proper nourishment, hope to
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thrown under the bedclothes when the weather was cool
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remain confined to the walls of the bladder. Secondaiy
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technical skill of the nurses. She is conlid(.'nt that they take
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fever, typhoid, phthisis, is somewhat lower than it used
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gain of flesh are often well marked after colotomy, no
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'ITie organism must find a soil suited to its growth, or it
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a specific poison as being the cause of the disease. 15.
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the great peculiarities of periodicity marking the disease
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mer two rich New Yorkers — the Messrs. Harriman — were
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to a great extent, and in proportion are capable of re-
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sonal, individual, or transient causes, are not to be taken into
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scarlet fever in which the distribution of the disease was
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present in the vagina, but the uterine horns are completely packed
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twelve patit nts discharged in 1897-98 apparently cured, ten are
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ments. It is not required nor generally used, however, for
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hours, and hence nothing is given afterwards to carry it off, as
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movements of the hands had been lost. 'Phere was inter-
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by investing it in lime and white lead. Filth, dirt, darkness,
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sult will not be the same. Very true I It will not be
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was steadily persisted in, with gradual improvement ; the
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Tincture of Gingerberry. If still no physician can be bad, and
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It has been said that a black silk handkerchief, thrown over
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seas wanted everything and would give nothing to the mother-
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only such cases was Alexander's operation to be performed.
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\Vithm twenty-four hours after the metastasis from the
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uterine face, and thus come to be expelled with its ftjetal
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'about the value of these wards for clinical instruction : " Clinical
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A. Grim, Allentown ; George H. Cummings, Charles E.