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The speaker would not pretend to diagnose the condition,

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Palpitation — Tenderness over the whole abdomen, most

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ovaries were two very soft bodies, insensitive to pressure,

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the licensing power be vested in a central Board of

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gland itself. Two points of consideration here are : (1) On

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Furnaces," by S. S. Kilvington, M.D., President of the

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median and direct cerebellar columns were lighter in

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cities should show an increasing death-rate in all acute dis-

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are formed of gold, platinum, paladium, silver and (recently) alumi-

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tomical integrity that they can be left with safety. Both

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crofti), will submit his general experience in parasitic dis-

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The left lung was extensively diseased, more so than the

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hooks, a case of hip-disease, a melon-seed in the trachea,

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Ferroe Islands, off Scotland, he would find a condition of noisomeness and

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237 cases I know that 3 have since died of cancer, and

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order of the American Medical Association. And now for the point.

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been observed. Side by side with a case reported by Gushing,

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For more than twenty years Professor Wright has held a

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nation with bismuth. Small doses of iodide of potash or

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3 j. Dose, teaspoonful in a half wineglass of water.

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the vocal cords in apparent normal condition. Dr. Co-

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this occasions dampness on the inside, creating ill odors and

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