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ledged to be the more frequent. Thus in eighty-four cases
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the local authorities to place the system in charge of a com-
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Dr. Edward Fahey, a graduate of Queen's, was married Jan.
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uterus had been curetted when pus was first seen issuing from
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It has also been determined that the chemical rays exert a
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two years, since Dr. Apostoli made assertions concerning
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of the United States Sanitary Commission. He cheer-
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After three or four days there was some elevation of the
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in the trough, and kept soaking there for 24 hours. At the
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that his lungs were not diseased, and that there was
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cised. The patient recovered from the operation, but the
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Edward Hitchcock, Ithaca, N. Y.; Edwin F. Wilson, Pom-
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how much they appreciated their fidelity and conscientious and
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Sir: In your issue of December 15, 1888, the \iews of
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harassing cough. Southern California offers a suitable
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the educational requirements for practice might have
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theria. In both death was instantaneous. In one the
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proving that the stabbing had been carried out with a knife.
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Post-irwrtem, twelve hours after death. — Body well
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the first dressing was removed, on the eleventh day after
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becoming more centred in the subject, have led me to
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the pain being so severe that he was at times obliged to
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reference to the good effects of calomel in cholera, is to be
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service. The receipts from all sources were $496,441.69,
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few cases — a very small minority — had no apparent local
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diminished. I therefore resolved to perform the ope-
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goitre show tachycardia, slight exophthalmos, and vasomotor
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eihcient staff of nurses and attendants is also pro\aded,
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Hospital for Sick Children, Erasmus Wilson Lecturer at the Royal College
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served. Tests with sesami oleum and alkanna root failed to
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are internal. In the embryo, however, both tibial and
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totally different character. The aspect of the room surprised me ;
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of fat has appeared to me to be normal, although there can be
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which involved both arms. In this condition she returned to
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fession for the Society to leave itself on record as in favor
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or less, is not of much consequence. It would be a good pre-
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