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Stewart, W. J. S., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted
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cancy in the medical and surgical department of the Wash-
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Vomiting, if continuous, is a symptom of the gravest import. At
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ploying the observation in certain cases, twenty-two
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one day's leave of absence from August 20, 1910, under
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thirds. The fragments were united with silver wire. He claims the
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males. The deaths of children under five years of age
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this group there were 127 operations, with only 1 death. The fatal case oc-
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of diseases of the skin, and more particularh' oint-
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the serum exerted an immobilizing and agglutinating action on the
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repelling not infrequently even the blandest oils and fats ; while in the
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.^elf limited and will recover of itself spontaneously,
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the lower ribs, can be exposed and made accessible without additional
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sels on August 7th to nth, and was largely attended by
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the peritoneum. In cases presenting no mass the incision has usually
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There are many useful charts and figures, some of them old acquaint-
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specific inhibition a reaction can then be designated
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in Savannah, on August 8th, the following officers were
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has detailed two medical officers to assist the commission
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pain in the abdomen after meals, nausea, and slight elevation of tem-
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the uterus in several ways. It increases the sensitiveness of the uterus ;
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The second indication, the removal of the poison, cannot be accomplished
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Dr. Clinton Stewart Kerr, of Emlenton, and Miss Mary
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cation: Essence of pep-^in, two ounces; diluted hydrochloric
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evolve a method of early diagnosis in cancer of the
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the gums, pyorrhoea alveolaris, with soft, flabby, con-
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ated capillary pipette. The disadvantages in the use of serum are
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women taking tetracycline
latter after m^als. The other prescriptions are used
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using .it until the returning water is perfectly clear. During the washing
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to the honor of the discovery of the stapes. Fallopius described the
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