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This may be safely done in winter time when the day is clear?

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eral hospitals, are thoroughly equipped for practising as

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tion in the larynx, dry throat, and difficulty in singing

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obliged to reduce the price of incineration from $50 to

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We have to announce with the deepest regret the death of

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in the Medical Profession, an author of celebrity, and of large

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is dipped in the solution, introduced into the uterine

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fire — the oxygen which supplies the fire being supplied from the cellar,

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dictory examples. Among statesmen, Gladstone, Bismarck,

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belief, but the fact remains, and the case will pass into history

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were normal. The liver was large and pale. The kid-

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plug of opium half the size of a common hazlenut or filbert,

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sustained notes. The general objective symptoms were

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contrary, the exception with those of your countrymen

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commendation in the same paper year after year, as regularly

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Osier takes up the question and contradicts the views of

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that of the right is slight and always much less than is the

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are at the extremities of the branches of the windpipe, as the buds or leaves of a tree are

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a plate made in two pieces instead of the common solid one. A portion is firmly fixed in the case in the usual

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treated this portion of his subject at some length. He