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petite ; good digestion. Kxamination of the abdomen,

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feel compelled to take care of themselves, that is,

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I hope sufficient has been said to direct the attention of this

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thesia. The cocaine solution must have a neutral reaction,

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and in London, with, nevertheless, gradual failure in health.

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1. 012 to 1. 015. At the beginning of the treatment it was

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The exaggerated ingestion of nitrogenous food, want of

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engaged in nursing in six of the great eastern hospitals, 1 96

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Diseases of Children. Especially adapted for Students and Physicians.

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3. Limitation of proteid food is particularly indicated

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126 operations, were examined with regard to the chief

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3. Compression of the principal motor nerve (pelvic nerve)

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will become more miserly ; the drunkard, more drunken ; the

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water, and an examination of this water revealed the fact

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orly and capable of thorough and satisfactory examina-

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ease to which the purulent pericarditis could be considered

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a busy doctor when the lives of others may be sacrificed

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especially full and admirable. Ophthalmic operations are

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rays of light is very great. The destructive influence of mono-

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ast — both as ignorant. In order to rightly use remedial

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disturbance except debility. Treated with alkahes, ol.

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I believe that I am correct in formulating this opinion,

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child was of normal size, and showed no marks of vio-

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from his body into the patient's windpipe. Unable to

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seemed to me of good size and height ; I couid not give the dimen-

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count of which he published iu the Medical NetL's five

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bility, " atra" meaning " black' 7 ; a scowl is on the countenance, and the