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remarks I made at the beginning of this note. So far I
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pair of easy fitting slippers or shoes ; and they will find that
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in her boot. The pain was strictly limited to this point and did
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up the l)lood vessels and slowing the rapid heart, but though
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by his predecessors, and he therefore proposed to discuss
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examination was made when the left side was ascertained to be
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ever become a favorite one in Britain. There is much unavoid-
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Spencer Wells and others. There was no secondary hem-
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Convention Certificate for himself, his wife or daughters if
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and binding are all excellent. We have heard expert opinion
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ment, bringing us back to the admitted point, that where calo-
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the skin an eighth of an inch from the margin, then
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throughout the civilized world, suff^-ests the existence of an
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metallic, and sometimes indistinct, sound-waves that were
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ing the pedicle as Dr. Goffe had done. Each oiierator
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soft-boiled eggs, broiled steaks, farinaceous puddings, and
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great artists in this particular line of work. The author gives
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ent that these gases are constantly ascending, and must unavoid-
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of pneumonia. The following Saturday and Sunday he ap-
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(juickly appears in the urine. In the treatment of haemop-
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fat ; for otherivise thev were liable to tear through and
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diseases are making their appearance from time to time, while
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It requires very careful fitting and adjustment, and it is useless
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We should have been glad to have offered Godey's Lady's Book
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ly true. So* with the penny-a-liners and speech-makers, who
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length of this paper beyond its scope, I think that the one
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the exciting causes are both present at the same time. Sixth.
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<• Oertel : Terrain-Curorte, p. 14, Leipzig. 1884.
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of discrimination. The risk of the procedure is very slight, and