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exclusively nuts, fruits, and roots, yet he develops a

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parts of the entire skeleton, even those most dissimilar,

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however, that the cow is the source of phthisical contagion

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cavities, and progressing slowly without fever. This had

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affected resemble those that are suffering from rabies.

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sufficient to explain the frequent onset of scarlatina dur-

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Ear Disease and Rickets. — Dr. Eitelberg has found,

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view he can obtain of the field is most restricted. If, however,

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a hearty, healthy man, weighing upwards of two hun-

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sively to the manufacture of the Worcester Piano, which has a name

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cocaine or 1-per-cent holocaine solution, a minute apart.

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In 1891, Bradford,^ of Boston, described sixteen cases, all of

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glass at the upper edge of the sash shall move on a pivot at

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ever weakens the body will cause cholera, whether it be over-

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learn of the structural similarity existing between the an-

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internal os is passed, in most cases the effort to reach the

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Barlow said he had seen four cases of general anchylosis,

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is all of them in the persistent practice of retiring to bed at an early hour, winter

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could have, shared the labor and made it easy to both ; but

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been ti-eated by resection of the head of the metatarsal bone ; in

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Presbrey, Taunton, Mass.; Anthony Learned, Fall River,

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soft water, and when hot,the lard added. After boiling thorough-

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Hospital, 8 West Sixteenth Street, New York, Tuesday

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column and passed through the other soft parts of the

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nineteenth century in Austria, Sweden, France and Germany,