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due to the fact that the patient had the hemorrhagic di-
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of first phalanx of middle finger with cellulitis of palm of
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who whips or scolds his child because he cries under suffering
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tion, which would start with Mr. Whitney's gift as an incentive
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there is nothing new in them except their lying advertisements.
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Miasm is the principal cause of nearly every "epidemic"
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I am about to isolate the child, when I am told that the
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operations with satisfaction, and, as the result of his ex-
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mistaking this condition for gastric ulcer somewhat infrequent.
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plaints at the University ; it was their intention to either
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I'he physician and others may advantageously learn the
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wound, because the energy of the cells had much abated
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lysol was substituted for the corrosive solution for the hands,
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without any change ; it is as clear as. amber; a teaspoonful
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any increase in idiopathic pneumonia. This opinion is
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I know your "American School Institute" to be possessed of the most reliable and. extended facilities.— -[Rev. C.
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four years of age. In ]^ew York City, out of nearly 75,000
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- The American Agriculturist is published monthly for $1.50 a
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at by the Germans in the operations for excising the dis-
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parer of things, searching for the conditions (cause) and
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to the comfort given, in reducing the temperature of a cham-
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sutures wliere no blood-vessels were apparent which miglit
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examination of the thorax and the abdomen cannot de-
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certainly not an antitoxin, since no soluble poison can be sepa-
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present belief, that with proper attention to diet, exer-
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also the value of a steady resistance against ignorant
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from the ensiform cartilage to the spine of the left ilium.
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thmus of Panama made practical use of this fact, and began the