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In the British Medical Journal of May 9th, 1903, I pub-

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comes sufficiently thickened to interfere, perceptibly,

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dip them in cold water as before, while you count ten, wipe

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water not only removes the dryness, but carries off the extra

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States Army, and, so far as possible, their complete medical

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Mr. Bryant observed that the principle of the operation

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heat produced by the warm application, and Roth finds from

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the uterus, vvith strong adhesions and attendant symptoms

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dition of the pelvis of the kidney, and more or less catarrh

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three have been relieved or partially cured, and fifteen

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India, where he spent some months. He returned to Canada

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tended until ordinary diet had been reached, but if the

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In dealing with these situations there is required not only a

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soaked in a solution of salicylic acid, was applied to the

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about one-third of an inch in length. The cerebral lesion

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tion, and may present evidence of extensive lesions produced

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and death usually ensuefl, although the physician a few

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