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nation gradually acquires a certain degree of immunity,

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opinions which have a definite value and are worthy of per-

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facts. Some time ago, a friend wanted a dozen shirts made,

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cocaine and adrenalin, was removed at two sittings. After the

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Dr. Walter Wright, of Toronto, went to California, Jan. 9th.

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"The nurse here has not yet set herself up as a professional

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ceived by the profession, presenting as it does the mature

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(a) Injection of iodine, iodized glycerine (Rehn), etc.,

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I have tracheotomized nearly 600 times, have assisted at as

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while an acute eruptive fever with distinctly high temperature,,

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much from illness, the mortality being large, and it is

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dredth year of a useful and glorious life on March 17th. Garcia

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puscles in Enteric Fever. — Dr. Leclerc, in attempt-

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a common stove for burning wood (or coal) may be put up, and

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They will be given a two years' training similar to that of

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two of these cases they were present and were very troublesome,

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2. Early Recognition. — The extreme importance of early rec-

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north ; its southern portion is 100 miles distant from Toronto.

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