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fessor of Diseases of the Stomach in the College of Physicians and Surgeons,
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this part of the treatment requires care and study to find out
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One of the most interesting features of naval medical
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hypothesis that the lymphatic channel has been so blocked that
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remedy would save life as this woman declared. Grant
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A Contfibution by the Study of Ocular Affections of Nasal
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larities of life (errors of diet, and of passion) add to
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ands of deaths of young children in summer time by fits and
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over-sleepy in the afternoon, and half a Sabbath, with its glorious and fleeting
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to allow time to keep the patient under observatiori. As
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mary list, it has been shown that 108 — one-third— are
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cians and Surgeons in 1852, and had finally completed a
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J. W. SCHERMERHORN, A. M., Actuary, 430 Broome Street (near Broadway), New York.
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it is left empty till this labor ward again reopens in its turn, as
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bones of the forearm were very easily thrown backward,
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but we do desire that all the real facts should be presented to
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governing body of the University, and was for several years
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was made with negative results. The diagnosis of either
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American gynecology famous, trailing in his efiorts to
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Don't make the diagnosis of syphilis on account of a
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These instruments are made m accordance with a principle recently developed and patented by
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abdominal wall. The intestines were normal. Unfortu-
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tissue, and that their function is to keep the liquor amnii