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ever ; the patient need not see a physician, nor be confined to the house five
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are mere coincidences. Nature's laws are infallible in their
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English writers do not recognize yet the fact, observed
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At the autopsy there was found a pint of purulent fluid
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processes — interstitial and phlyctenular keratitis, corneal ulcers,
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walking from church to her home, she fell upon the icy
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stated, conflicting theories having been wisely omitted. The
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any of the sequelae, or the complications of gastric ulcer,
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tor Gorgas, President of the Board of Examiners, wrote
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men who are seeking for, they know not what. They see evil in
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inside of which was lined with a dense elastic smooth
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in alarming convulsions, with incoherent utterances. He had
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classification has yet been made that will answer clinically.
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region ; a rather sharp rise of temperature, not infrequently
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days is the usual outside limit. If found, on sufficient obser-
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theria" appears, as it always does (when the lining of the
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he does get well, and returns to the use of tobacco, the