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permission to do so from the Royal Haus-Ministerium.

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Wells, 389 Broadway, New York. It has more than a thousand

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the British Army, where sanitary officers are scientific and conscientious men,

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est hand in the world to go at things in a roundabout way. He

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hours of entertainment. This will take the form of a tea at

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At the Congress of Dermatology in 1900, the conclusion was

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pressure with the finger up behind the posterior ear. I am

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tions; all this will be found true upon careful thought on this

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tom of the onset of cholera is simply a weakening uncomfort-

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These laws, also — a truth which we are too prone to forget —

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ately obtained, " Tincture of Opium, Tinctureof Camphor, Tine-

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of hemorrhages, and the denser air more than that which is

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outwards, and the sterno-thyroid and sterno-hyoid muscles

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Or, melt together beeswax and mutton suet, half and half,

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have appeared in four years is a fine testimony of the value of

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site for a convalescent hospital for sick and wounded sol-

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the transverse ligament ; and of the compression to tight shoes ;

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lished hitherto. The views are neither new nor original with us,

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from lung-diseased alone among persons who have gone

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tions year after year, was a privilege to be coveted.

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Dr. Maximilian Joseph Reinfelder died at Yonker<-,

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intestine. A few inches higher up the bowel was a per-

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