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States. Dr. Pritchard is a professor in the Post-Graduate
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placed under the best conditions for resisting the bacilli,
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woman is much lessened, though her consciousness is not
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the respirations increase and may be of the Cheyne-Stokes'
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Toronto and of scenes at the Burnside Lying-in-Hospital. The
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enic neglectfulness into a .mountain of trouble-making, — and in
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other conditions mistaken for nephritis by too much reliance on
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necrosis, from the size of a pin head to larger than a split pea,
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thing which is, perhaps, most frequently seen. When cu-
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short of its object, the inconveniences determined by facial
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Treatment. — It was e^dent that the cardiac paralysis
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Besides the use of the two or three drops of cocaine or
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effects under stress of the various demands of life — the
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Such facts show that it is the houshold education which moulds
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to the looseness — the patient having concluded that as there
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is enlarged throughout, as follows : (a) The tongue, the
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Materia Medica in the Toronto School of Medicine, and also a
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the most distressing cough or strangulation, sometimes inducing
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puerperal fever." Meigs pronounced with the authority, but
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on leaving the hospital to go to work. He promised,