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General Hospital Trust the sum of $100,000 for a similar build-

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medication. Pneumonia is comparatively rare, many physi-

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able to attach the uterus as near the pubes as possible,

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served by milkmen in the city of New York. Persons who

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knowledge of which at once reduced my mortality enor-

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Control," by D. E. Salmon, D.V.M., Chief of the Bureau

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title. What he has cho.sen to call " Hatters' Consump-

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feet across, with no visible blower, very little dust, and absolutely no gas ;

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general characteristics of the tumor and of its surround-

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ing cause. I did not find any grass-pollens, other than a

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pression of nerve-centres following its use, and therefore

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of victory for the North, neither had we an atom of sympathy for

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years. But, in all probability it will visit us next summer :

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Op his Agents, Messrs. MEAD & WOODWARD, 37 Park Row, New-York.

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