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carriages. When first called to see this patient she had the
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Less than fifty years ago, the yellow fever and other deadly
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other malady. So far from this being so, it is precisely
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warmer the weather, the oftener must the application be re-
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go to the same localities ; but if not, to Aiken, or the pine
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broader and more systematic plan than is just now being
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phalangeal joints. To allow of the proper approximation of
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The rest were seen at St. Michael's Hospital and in consultation,
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career. He soon acquired a very large practice, and was
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he died. Dogs do not perspire except in the tongue. When they
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the cities, are very liable to be attacked with it in the months
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to a point far within that required for the rupture of the
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grows more frequent, the face more anxious, and the gen-
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there is seldom any refuge short of the grave, the end being
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heart, of good common sense, of fair ambition, and of so-
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of Arrangements. Both committees have nearly completed
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by the loud singing and yelling with which they keep time