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Sr - tliis is contrasted with conditions existing forty years ago when the services showed a greater number of deaths from tuberculosis This change is ascribed to the great improvement which has taken place in the hygiene of both navy and army. 300 - in addition there are a good index and a list of authors' names.

Acute pulmonary tuberculosis may closely resemble typhoid fever (dosage).

Not long ago a gentleman, aged sixty-eight, came to me complaining of "cough" shortness of breath, and increasing disinclination to take exercise.


In advanced stages the diminished volume of blood reduces the frequency of hemoptysis (คือ). The appearance of the patient, the chronicity of the affection, the entire abdomen affected, the pain general, are sufficient points for a differential diagnosis. Pneumatic aspiration in the treatment of.

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We have had cases with fatal hemorrhage from the middle ear, from the neck, and from a taste wounded intercostal Phlebitis and gangrene are rare complications.

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