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boracic acid (gr. x-5J— 0.648-32.0), creolin {Vfl v-5J— 0.324-32.0), or
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On entering the Hospital physical examination showed
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This consists merely in a loss of appetite, and occurs in many organic
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Ktiology. — Hypertrophy of the left ventricle (sometimes termed
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phlebitis present themselves. If thrombi have formed in the portal
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(2) J'he jvotracted forms are those in which (a) the symptoms of
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be made in the knee-elbow position, and if movable they may drop to
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church for twenty-five years. Mrs. Royal, with her characteristic thought-
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each of the smaller sanatoria. This of course was a vote in the
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the mucous coat on the interior. The limited variety results in the
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pendent portions of the body may appear, and fever, though slight at
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are to be interdicted ; starchy foods, lean meats, bread, soups (contain-
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pear from the urine in extensive pneumonic consolidations, to reappear
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obliteration of the ventricles, particularly in the anterior horns or the lat-
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rule. The vomitus, as first shown by Riegel, usually contains an in-
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treatment., is all that is required. Albuminous food in liquid form, such
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times they often improve the peripheral circulation and increase the urin-
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ous adhesions have not taken place or when, having formed, they yield.
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conditions has been the purpose of the author. The title might better
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of vision are also frequent concomitants, and are due to renal and retinal
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organ (70 per cent, of cases). The tissue surrounding the abscess-wall
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are suddenly liberated, with the formation of air-emboli ; others have
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smooth internal surface, but when atheromatous changes occur it shows
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should not be subjected to the "cramming" process so common in our
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those present in the different cases are varied and referable to disturb-
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of 1^ grains every hour in 60 cases of summer diarrhea, and found it to