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PREGNANCY AND THE PUERPERAL STATE. Second American, from the Second
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sidence of redness and tumefaction of the face and extremities, cessation
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paper shall be chiefly occupied in considering. We shall,
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scending mesencephalic root fibers within the pons follow the
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infrequent, and this may be found in striking contrast with the tempera-
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rare. Patients m the great majorit}- of cases take to the bed on the
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could do it with such results as the volume before us.
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The question naturally arises as to whether this deficiency in
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number of joints are implicated, and, again, in some cases different joints
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The occurrence of the oedema is sometimes ver}^ sudden, and it may prove
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concerned in respiration, and to spasm of the glottis. The indications
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The effects of complete paralysis of this nerve are shown by its division
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paying subscribers to the "American Journal of the Medical Sciences."
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of bone was left exposed by the destruction of the soft parts. A
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and they were firmer and more resisting, requiring considerable
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as essential, under these circumstances, when I arrived in
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glosso-pharyngeal nerves are distributed in all animals; but more
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consisting of stimulants, frictions, and nutritious food, he had in a meas-
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state is trance. As in some cases of catalej^sy, the respiration and circu-
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dition giving rise to neuralgia. The mind may refer the pain to the ter-
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tively. The N. mandibularis complex leaves the ventrolateral
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functions of the liver must be compromised in proportion to the amount
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of liquids, delirium, and sometimes a fancied disposition to bite others.