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medicine must contain more or less of admixtures, which might
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also been subject to dipsomania." Putzelf says "There is no
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pension by withdrawing and measuring sheep corpuscles
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In a report of a special committee of the Michigan State Board
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1 88 1 in regard to changing the code of ethics, be repealed, leav-
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ing a solid portion as large as my fist. It was first noticed by the
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in no less real a world when we are dealing with human affections
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the American War of 1862-65. It should not be forgotten that atrophy of
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2. Tetanus antitoxine. — Here it is absolutely necessary to use an extremely
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in consultation with Dr. H. L. Houghton, to whom I am indebted
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the presence of diffuse moist and dry sounds. Hypostatic congestion and
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deficit. The relative advantages of the colorimetric method com-
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profuse. All these symptoms are apt to be more acute and persistent in
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creasing. Taking six generations in succession, these facts
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One of the most trying and alarming accidents to which the par-
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and dispensaries where the poor could receive treatment in
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given a glass of water. The subject urinates at the
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Dr. C. H. Carpenter, of Troy, N. Y., died suddenly of heart disease, on the
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to six courses each day. Notices of these courses are posted at
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cytoplasm stains a pale blue, the nucleus appearing as
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At the post-mortem the abdomen presented the same tense
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Complications. — Among the alleged ill effects which have been
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Nervous or ataxic typhus (brain fever). — Cases in which the nervous
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the medical profession. In a will made only a few days before his death he
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should be collected by the rhinologist responsible for the case.
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cessful that during that fall he had asthma only on three nights,
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(&) Prepare report on Form 8-126, using a standard
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Extension of alse membrane. — This may take place in several
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103° - 6 F. An initial or prodromal fever constantly occurs in the stage of
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out of every one hundred homoeopaths of his day, and I dare
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of view, may be objected to, but which have become customary, and
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(3) Methyl-orange, OA-percent solution. Dissolve one gm of
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walled capillaries can exchange materials in solution in it with
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was at that time attracting some attention from the profession, and he thought it a
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horse-dealer, and his social status has thus been correspondingly
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that as these pamphlets were sent to the Gazette, it affords our
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neck ; very sensitive to contact. Tearing pain in the scalp,