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phoid fever. The commonest cause of encephalitis is from extension
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The compensatory circulation is usually readily demonstrated.
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infection of the disease is carried mainly by the expectoration.
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but most important, division of the nervous system, called the vaso-
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object of these lectures will be to indicate the influence or
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Besides the radiations of pain which we have already mentioned, they
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Many persons after middle life begin to notice that they cannot
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greater the number of surface nerves in the part bitten, as in the face
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for ulcerative colitis, I was called to see him by his physicians, who told
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trative grade, but also to state " the estimation in which he is held by
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bookseller from Eyre and Spottiswoode, East Harding Street. Fleet Streed,
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The existence of a dilatation of the bronchi sufficiently large'
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all medicines. The new Pharmacopeia requires to be so
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A careful examination then will show that, whereas pain is constant
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fixity of joints by the contraction of their muscles whenever and as