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attending physician, division of cardiology, Montefiore Medical
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supposed a polypus, the upper part being white and sizy, whilst
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denum, forms a considerable network : into which not only the
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disease in Reynolds' System, of Med. Vol. 1, p. 473, i83o.
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They have concluded that the difference probably can be
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The dulness covered a very small area ; all the rest of the chest
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suggests to me, may perhaps enter the circulation by the veins rather
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it had been. In spite of the most careful plugging of the
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of the femur were enlarged, and the borders of the latter were
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day. Eye motility improved and the swelling decreased
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problems. He was to be followed in the appropriate clinics
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that it can be attributed to yielding of the arch of the instep.
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through a crucial incision in the loin. The operation was very-
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can sometimes be inflated by blowing air into the cells of the
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followed the operation thirteen years previously. The opera-
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as nephrotic syndrome) identification of this complication
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It nppears, therefore, that the acid (S) is identical with the
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High-Risk Factors for the Development ot Endometrial Carcinoma
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S. epidermidis, which was considered to be a contaminant.
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