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of tetanus by tetanus toxin without infection with tetanus bacilli. Spontane-
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lessened, and the hepatic functions are depressed, then a
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Cerebral Hemorrhage. — In Valentin's thesis 83 cases were collected. Of
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laro-ely to have spared Europe, with the exception of small scattered local
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Election of members, 9,12,32-33,41,58,97,143,187,211,
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in the chemistry of the bacteria and the manner in which toxins are secreted,
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ling oil of turpentine over the hot blankets, or by saturating
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occurring in twelve hours or less, from 21 to 37 per cent, between twelve and
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for children, nearly every case of measles may be complicated with pneu-
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tearing at the skin. During the height of the development of the vesicle the
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precipitation. Wassermann and Bruck reach the same conclusion. In
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dren who swallow it, and in delirious or stuporous patients, who fail to cough
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intestinal lesions exist. Such cases present a typical clinical history, a
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The nitrites are sometimes employed with a view of lessening the burden
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obviate this, the sulphur may be saturated with turpentine,
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^Reed and Carroll: "The Etiology of Yellow Fever: A Supplemental Note,"
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the points relating to it cannot be discussed here, but an important feature
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late paralysis, and this is accounted for by Ehrlich as due to another toxic
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diseases in any part of the body, and never to neglect or even temporize
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could be immunized against typhoid fever. The ptomain previously isolated
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of the United States and Canada asking them w^hat was
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that the tertiary lesions came on, as a rule, many years after
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charge against dividends under the policy. Married women
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still larger cell from the bladder and urethra, and the large
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Dr. Curtis and Dr. Rogers — ^that of weight. This was of
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which accompanied intestinal perforation. This group comprises many of
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the latter usually occurring as part of a general septic process and perhaps
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counsel, and such references, as well as the report of a com-
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Curschmann considers that the ulcers have two modes of origin. Necrosis
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were often spared or affected later than the neighboring population. When
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leaf) color, and there may be quite marked mottling. In a recent case there
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tion to the complete destruction of the parenchyma." von
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poured into a clean glass or porcelain vessel, or, what answers
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fever are mild in character and recover without black vomit. In some of
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While general descriptions may be given, there is no account that can fit
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Wolff found the diplococcus in 66 out of 70 cases examined, the Friedlander
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only endowment insurance. The recent studies and reports of
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to vary very much as t' frequency and severity in different epidemics.
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produced, but the inoculations of the orang-utan gave results similar to those
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solutions and other substances such as formalin and lactic acid so that they
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cerebrospinal fluid but without any lesions of a suppurative character.
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lished at various points throughout the country. References
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is due to ex-Surgeon-General George M. Sternberg, whose work in the study