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Most of the cases were inoculated with animal lymph ; and although it has
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periphery ; and the edges, though raised and thickened, are always soft,
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mentioned, the following congenital conditions are not infrequently met
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due to the destruction of the ganglion cells of the posterior root. Now
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area is very often deficient, or even absent ; and there is every reason to
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most conspicuous quality is their incurable mendacity ; if in other arts they
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heaped up silvery scales, and by outlying foci or spots with psoriatic
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alternate nights in the form of sinapisms to the nape of the neck and
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need only allow that if psoriasis be due to the action of a parasite, this
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through life, doing no harm unless by their unsightly appearance.
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however, seems to explain the ease with which suppuration may be
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likewise to have a gallipot and a red bag, to denote the par-
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living presented to him in Jamaica, by his patron. Sir Will-
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or ovoid, but may be elongated in conformity with the tension of the
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observers may differ as to whether the malady should be classified as
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Certain rare disorders of secretion have been described, such as
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proving the nutrition of the skin. That this is its chief mode of action
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for its suppression, none was more vehement or more loudly
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the country for eight months. An elder brother of his, after gaining a
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skin or its appendages. Many causes have been assigned ; it has been
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ful jumping of the limb during sleep, and when chloroform is administered