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Dr. Atthill said that the rejections at both the licensing

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glands. Experiments I made in 1875 at Jiahant (near Boston,

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Institution registered under the proposed Act as qualified in sanitary

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of a theory evidently exclusively held by " A. S. V. G.," in

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Buchai an, J. P., of Thirsk. The deceased, after a successful

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Leeds House of Recovery and Convalescent Home, Gildersome, near

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Passing quickly on to the question of the protective power

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applied with much stronger force than anywhere else —

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Anderson, H. W. Stewart, J. B. Tindall, M. Marriott, A. Kenny, J.

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daily), and they have recovered rapidly and satisfactorily.

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of its sheath, from which the engravings were prepared.

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The London Hospital Clubs Union.— A very successful

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ing the Volunteer Medical Staff Corps and the removal of cholera

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would expound the science that he loved. Many a St.

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the more charmed to have liad this easy method brought to my notice

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SEDBERGH UNION, Sedbergh, Yorkshire.- Medical Officer and Public

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rapidly. It is only at the commencement of the official in-

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Acts. Nostrums such as Mrs. Ruppert's are not always sold

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Ophthalmic Surgeon to the SheJBeld General Infirmary.

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Dysmenorrhoea and Sterility, which was discussed by Drs. J.

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de Therapeutiqite that it would seem at first sight that the

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vaccination. The patient affirms that she has not been in

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Double Optic Atrophy following Ebysipblas'of One Side

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the most important morbid agents, capable of producing dis-

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children, the splenic enlargement was not traceable to rickets,

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as much the guardians of the country in their attempts to

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most remote periods (2nd or 3rd Dynasty). There is no

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tinal obstruction lasting a week in a woman aged 75. No

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workhouse. The guardians of the latter union have resolved to petition

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The patient, a girl, aged 19, was admitted to St. Bartholo-

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