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spider, Latrodectus mactans. (See fig. 44.) This is a shiny, me-
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present, orchitis starts in 2 to 3 days; later there is
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Not long since, in a suit for malpractice, the defence had to
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the law and the dose. There our school has rested; it has neither
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interval thus ascertained is valid for the temperature at
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(3) Colorimetric measurement. With the No. 75 Wratten
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many forms of bacteria. Often this display does not take place until the animal
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considered by allopathists as a material thing hidden within, but
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these should reach the air passages of the susceptible, the disease is com-
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of heart disease. They aid us in estimating the functional con-
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dogs and sewed up purposely made rents in the heart muscle, after laying the
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(4) In a series of 10 tubes, prepare higher dilutions as in
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was present, including many of the physicians of Lowell, as well as representatives
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(in any stage-egg, larva, or adult), or a part of the parasite, can
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Nov. 8, 1882 ; Dr. S. H. Colburn, president, in the chair. The
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d. Sodium Citrate — Sodium Chloride Solutions (Anti-
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(3) Benedict's quantitative reagent. Dissolve 87.0 gm of
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which prevails in the appreciation of the value of mechanical
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should be more carefully considered than they are at the present
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We cannot here give space for further quotations from the
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This is notably the case in the sore throat of scarlet fever, where strepto-
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Natural predisposition may be the property of a species or of a race : thus all
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Diarrhoea is one of the most characteristic symptoms of typhoid fever, but
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cubical or short columnar epithelium to a secretory or glandular type.
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or Atypical Escherichia if VP positive and MR negative. Although
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ring of the residue. Then allow to cool for 30 seconds,
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(2) Sulfuric acid, 0.67 normal. Dilute 67 ml of 1 N sulfuric
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known standard solutions, preferably of two or more
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is purely inflammatory, and is not accompanied by a characteristic form of
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large and thick, pale and rather flabby, but it is not smooth or
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kittens have been used extensively for its demonstration
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the same concentrations as in the circulating blood. The
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splenic punctures are dangerous owing to the possi-
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preparation that is used for dark-field microscopy.
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paic) products of native proteins (meat, blood, gelatin,
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by rolling over the side of the bed and allowing cavity to
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from an agar slant or by using the washed sediment from
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Typhlitis," prompted by two cases, both mild, which had been
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been used, but they are not without disadvantages. However, in desperate
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any period of the attack, but appears most commonly about the third or
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note that, with no other remedies than Sulphur 3 X and Zinc, there
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appearence led to the opinion that he was suffering from urticaria,
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burned. The whole body except the head should then be bathed
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observers claim that in animals the antitoxine may exert its action even
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weather, however, open-air exercise may be allowed. At other times a
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The Court of Appeals room, at the new Capitol, was well filled
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upon the human race have aroused the best talent in the medi-