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1863-73, 16. 1 per cent.; decade ending 1883, 23.7 per
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The pus is yellowish green, and it gradually diminishes in
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look-out for the instincts of nature ; and he who follows them
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girl ; one-half hour before admission slipped to the floor
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discussion, he denied ever having made such a positive
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trates, and other persons who perform the marriage cer-
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completely, with recipes and full instructions as to technic.
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There is no doubt that venereal diseases eontiacted from
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that can be affirmed at present of any given specimen is,
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septic disorders ; but, when they attack an individual, are
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antine and which cannot but result in an incalculable amount
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observed in negroes. Wounds (of bones and soft parts)
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physician of an outbreak which occurred in his practice :
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always full of good things, useful and true, especially those taken
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mammalia are sufficient illustrations of this diversity of
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decline,' and insisted upon repeated examination. H£
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1 Pursuing our investigations, we find that an essential feature
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definite rule which will vary the time according to the condi-
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The manipulations should be directed not so much to the
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Official List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Offi-
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its incidence preceded the convulsions by only an hour or two.
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him in making applications of nitrate of silver directly to
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when he will be in reality cured, without any medicine whatever if these
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be given as to quantity. I watch my patient, and when I
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contraction commenced in the auricle, instartly passed
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Are we to conclude then, that antitoxin is of no use, or even is
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