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non-diphtheritic, as a rule, and often due to the streptococcus ; on the
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flow pipe with stopcock should be securely connected with the latter
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an organ, and therefore depends upon vascular activity, by means of
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bercle bacilli flourish at an elevation of over five thousand
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I felt very sorry to be misunderstood, especially by membei's
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deavoring to eliminate a disease of so serious a character as ulcerative
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wished me to withdraw the notice of motion. 1 positively refused,
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or Queen of the Market, a very large and beautiful berry,
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tional diseases of the brain ; nervous irritation, vascular irri-
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knew he had malignant disease of the stomach, and when
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thirty-eight million gallons. Great Britain and her colonies
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also engenders a toxin ^vhich may be in part responsible for the morbid
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dangerous complications and accidents. These have all been enumerated
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rather at Honolulu, where she stopped en route. This was
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anum, and 3v-xij (20.0-50.0) of gum arabic. The temperature of the
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without enlarged spleen, cold douches may replace quinine. 2d. In
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But the most valuable pelvic antiphlogistic hip bath is produced
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of temperature, duration, and technique to each individual case. Such
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sick-room should be well ventilated, and its temperature maintained at
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well as an auxiliary by reason of its derivative and soothing effects.
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are specially commended to the attention of the reader, inasmuch as
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sey, greenish yellow with red, or all red. Kerr, very early,
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vided that he feel strong enough, and, as before intimated, the specific
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not objectionable if desired by the patient. In all cases of influenza,
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ter digestion and assimilation, improved haematosis, deepened inspira-
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pneumonia. These observations have been confirmed by others, and a
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dusky, sickly look, and there are frequent swellings of the
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century, and more recently from special institution practice. The lat-
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and if ever troubles of this kind cause him suspicion, have a
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form of uric acid and allied substances. Again, as claimed
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Scotch douches, of which twenty-three were cured and seven improved.
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sons should lead regular lives, avoiding fatigue, excesses, etc., and in-
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Inflammation of the gall-bladder is another disease on the
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